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Advancing Health Equity across Health and Social Issues: A Call to Action from a Community Leaders Forum Initiative

  • Program: Public Health Education and Health Promotion
  • There is an increased understanding about the central role of communities – and community engagement – on advancing health equity and mitigating social and institutional inequities. Communities - and their leaders - are the real “experts” on their needs, values, and priorities, and should be empowered to design policies and solutions that address existing health, racial, and social inequities. This presentation focuses on the recommendations and call to action from a Community Leaders Forums series that engages community leaders from U.S. and international community-based organizations. The Forums provide a much-needed space to discuss and advocate for policy and other kinds of community-driven and strength-based solutions to advance health equity during and beyond COVID-19. Recommendations from the Forums are designed to reach policymakers, organizational leaders, grant-making organizations, and/or other leaders and organizations across professions and disciplines who can affect much needed change to mitigate the impact of health, racial, and social inequities. Topics have included racial healing and health equity, the impact of COVID-19 on women and girls, and emerging community needs and policy solutions during COVID-19. The call to action from the forums also provides a blueprint for changemakers, activists and advocates, and includes several actionable items. Implications for community engagement and future directions are also discussed.
Renata Schiavo
1) Health Equity Initiative: 2) Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; 3) SECI
1) Founder and Board President, Board of Directors; 2) Senior Lecturer; 3) Principal
  • Linked Session ID: 945313
  • Authors: Renata Schiavo, PhD, MA, CCL1, Tonya Lewis Lee, JD2, Paulette Spencer, MPH, MA3, Teneasha Washington, PhD4, Annette Roque-Lewis5, Amy Vu, RD, MPH6, Essence Carson7, Ashley Gomez, MPH, PHD candidate8, Alicia Tauro9, Radhika Ramesh, MA10, Denise Morrow, PhD11, Shannon Fleg12, Von Gordon13
    11) Health Equity Initiative: 2) Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; 3) SECI, 2Author, filmmaker, health equity advocate, 3Bronx Community Health Network, 41) National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability; 2) University of Alabama, 5La Nueva Esperanza, 6FEAST, 7WNBA Player, Music Industry Creative, Producer/Artist, Community Leader and Health Equity Champion, 81) Brown University; 2) Grameen Primacare, 9Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA)​, 10Health Equity Initiative, 11BEMORE, 12Native Health Initiative, 13The Winter Institute
  • Learning Outcome 1: Discuss the role of community engagement in the design, implementation, and evaluation of policies and interventions to advance health equity
  • Learning Outcome 2: Describe key action areas as well as community-driven solutions and policies to address health inequities across health and social topics
  • Learning Outcome 3: Discuss the call to action and community-driven recommendations from a community leaders forums series, including key elements of a blueprint for changemakers, activists and advocates in support of health equity
  • Linked Session Title: Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities