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4126 Adolescent Dating Violence Prevention

  • Tuesday, November 8, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • Westin, Hancock, Lobby Level
  • Program: Family Violence Prevention Caucus
  • Session Format: Oral
  • This session will explore contemporary approaches to preventing adolescent dating violence.


10:30 AM
Presenter: Melissa Osborne
Melissa Osborne, PhD, MPH1, Dennis Reidy, PhD2, Jeff Temple, PhD3, Yu Lu, PhD4
1Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, Georgia State University, 2School of Public Health, Georgia State University, 3Center for Violence Prevention, University of Texas Medical Branch, 4Department of Health and Exercise Science, University of Oklahoma
10:45 AM
Presenter: Anthony DeLuca
Anthony DeLuca, MD(c)MPH(c)1, William Vervilles, MD(c) MPH (c)1, Bianca d'Antonio-Bertagnolli, MD (c), MPH (c)1, Michelle Pimentel, MPH (c)1, Charles Pohl, MD2, Stephen DiDonato, PhD3, Rosemary Frasso, PhD, CPH, MSc, MSc1
1Thomas Jefferson University, College of Population Health , 2Thomas Jefferson University, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, 3Thomas Jefferson University, College of Nursing
11:00 AM
Presenter: Katrina Debnam
Katrina Debnam, Heather McDaniel, Ph.D., M.A., Gillian Xu, B.S.
University of Virginia
11:15 AM
Presenter: Aubrey Ray Dalana
Aubrey Ray Dalana, DrPH1, Laurie L. Meschke, PhD2
1Western Carolina University, 2University of Tennessee, Knoxville