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101 Workshop: Community Health Workers at the Dawn of a New Era (REGISTRATION REQUIRED)

  • Saturday, November 5, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Program: International Health
  • Session Format: Business Meeting
  • The momentum for expanding and strengthening CHW programs throughout the world is growing rapidly as a result of (1) the growing evidence of their effectiveness in improving population health, (2) the growing recognition that Universal Health Coverage, Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Death, and Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic cannot be achieved without strong CHW programs, (3) the potential for CHWs to make an important contribution to the control of non-communicable diseases (and particularly hypertension), (4) the growing role of CHWs in providing medical care for the elderly, (5) the potential role for CHWs in mental health and rehabilitation, and (6) the critical role that CHWs can play in disease surveillance, pandemic response, monitoring for epidemic outbreaks, and registration of vital events. The workshop will highlight the exciting opportunities that now exist in low-, middle-, and high-income countries for accelerating progress in achieving Health for All through stronger CHW programs.


    Registration is required. Fees are based on professional level:

    • $35 - Public Health Professional and those interetsed in the topic
    • $25 - Students
    • $15 - Community Health Workers and Program Staff from Low- and Middle-Income Countries